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Most of us are not aware of the complete process of hearing. We just feel that the eardrums in the ear are helpful for hearing but there are many more parts of the ear which are involved in the hearing process. That is why there are many reasons for hearing loss also. However, at present, one should not worry about the hearing aid, as hearing loss treatment is now possible with the help of the best audiology clinics in andheri. We have top speech and hearing therapists in andheri, which can do the complete treatment of the hearing problem. The Manas Speech and Hearing clinic can help in the treatment and diagnose of the problem.

If you are aware of how your ear functions, you will know the complete process of hearing. Our ear can receive different sounds of different frequency. The sound waves of different frequencies travel inside our ear. They go through the different parts of the ear and then the signals from the ear is sent to the brain. The brain then converts that signal into the sound which we understand. But when a problem occurs in the ear, the brain stops receiving the proper signals and this creates the problem in hearing. Just like there are different causes behind the hearing loss, similarly, there are different hearing aids also.

There are numerous hearing care clinics in andheri,but at Manas Speech and Hearing clinic, you get the best treatment options available. At our speech and hearing center, we have the top audiologists in andheri. They are the certified audiologists in andheri which have handled many hearing loss related cases. The audiologists at Manas Speech and Hearing Clinic, may ask you for getting a different hearing test done. Once they know the problem behind your hearing, they may recommend you some speech & hearing therapy or some hearing aid accessories.

At present, we have the facility of hearing loss treatment in andheri. We do provide different hearing aids andheri and along with it we also do the hearing aid repairing and replacement of hearing aid. You can get your old hearing aid repaired at our Manas Speech and Hearing Clinic in andheri and can also take the hearing aid batteries if required. We can provide the Pocket Hearing Aid, In the ear hearing aid, Wireless hearing aid, ITC Hearing Aid, Semi Digital Hearing Aid, BTE Hearing Aid, Digital Hearing Aid, Behind the ear Hearing Aid, and Bluetooth Hearing Aid.