Danavox Hearing Aids - Embrace Smart Hearing

Danavox AIO - Embrace Smart Hearing

Now you have the same opportunities to connect and engage as everyone else.

AIO gives you a natural sense of where sounds are coming from and helps you form a detailed sound picture of your surroundings and, in a noisy listening situation, makes sure you can still understand every word of the conversation.

New designs stand up to the punishment of everyday life and practically disappear when on your ear. Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, every component is coated with nanotech inside and out to repel water, dust and corrosive substances such as earwax and salty sweat.

Direct stereo streaming from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Now you have the same opportunities to connect, interact and engage as everyone else.

Danavox EOS - Comfort Hearing

With Danavox Eos, you can feel relaxed and comfortable on the phone. The Danavox App Tuner is a small and light hands-free for cell phones that's easy to use: Press a button to answer, and clear speech goes direct from the phone into your ears. A microphone on the PhoneVox picks up your own voice, so you don't even have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag.

That's why every vital component of Danavox Eos is coated with an invisible, protective coating we call Nanotech. It completely seals every part of the instrument. And protects it by repelling moisture and dirt, means all-round durabality.

Danavox LOGAR - Live Powerfully

Get the most out of life. Strong, comfortable and reliable.

Danavox Logar is specially designed for people with severe to profound hearing loss. This powerful hearing aid offers technologies that will help bring back the sounds of life.

High quality sound and the excellent feedback management system keep you aware of everything that's going on around you, without annoying whistling in your ears. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, this attractive hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ears.

Danavox SAP - Begin Hearing

We started with a simple premise: Make a hearing aid with advanced technology that allows all people access to hearing care. That is how Danavox Sap began.
We took technology from our most sophisticated products and simplified it into a hearing instrument that delivers excellent sound quality, and is still easy to use.

With these great features, Danavox Sap greatly improves the quality of life for anyone who wears them.
Directionality: You can focus on speech when and where you want to, while background noise gets less distracting.
Digital Feedback Suppression: Helps eliminate annoying whistling sounds to make your hearing clean and clear.
Nano-Coating: The industry leading nanotech, protects the entire hearing aid from moisture and debris so your hearing instruments will last longer.

A style to fit your needs and preferences. Danavox Sap offers you a wide variety of models in all power levels to fit your unique needs. With Danavox Sap, we've made some of our most advanced technology and our clearest sound quality available to everyone. That's why choosing Danavox Sap will help you begin hearing again.

Danavox TERA - Embrace Smart Hearing

If you have been living with hearing loss, you know how it feels to miss pieces of conversations or parts of your favorite songs. When this happens, you expend so much energy trying to hear, you become exhausted and are unable to completely engage in everyday experiences. So when you look back on moments you want to remember, the picture isn't complete.

Danavox believes you deserve the richest, fullest and most unforgettable memories. Danavox Tera is our newest, most advanced hearing instrument that will help you participate in all of your favorite activities once again.

DanavoxTera enriches your memories by using a new digital signal processing chip that produces a clean and clear signal. For you, this means that you get the very best sound quality in a hearing instrument, so you don't miss a word or sound.
Danacox Tera also includes several new features that automatically adjust the settings inside your hearing instruments. This ensures they will adapt to the changing sounds around you, so you can completely experience all of life's moments.
There are many styles of DanacoxTera hearing instruments to fit any hearing loss. All of them are designed to be small and discreet, with your comfort in mind.

A new way to improve hearing in noise When it comes to hearing, there is no substitute for the power of the brain. This is especially true in noisy environments. Our brains decide what we want to listen to and what noise we want to suppress. The unique Syncro Duo Directionality feature in DanavoxTera uses that principle to deliver sounds in a way that keeps you in touch with your surroundings.

Danavox's exclusive 2.4 GHz technology allows you to receive crystal clear sound from your TV, stereo or phone directly into your hearing aids.

SDA Plus Feedback Guard When objects are close to your hearing instruments, sometimes this can cause unwanted whistling noises. SDA Plus Feedback Guard makes sure your Danavox Tera hearing instruments won't produce any buzzing or whistling when you are on the phone, putting on a hat or hugging a loved one.

That's why every vital component of Danavox Tera is coated with an invisible, protective coating we call Nanotech. It completely seals every part of the instrument. And protects it by repelling moisture and dirt, means all-round durabality.