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Digital Technology


We strive to bring the music of life to your ears with the Orion™ range of BTE hearing aids. Whatever it is you like to hear most, you can rely on Orion hearing aids to help you connect with your world and the people in it. Their enhanced technology quickly adapts to your hearing needs, making automatic adjustments and leaving you free to focus on life. And your Hearing Care Professional can help you customize the settings to give you the perfect match for your individual needs. Orion BTE hearing aids help you truly enjoy the sounds that set the scene for your memories.

ORION - Product Family
BTE Orion S (Twin Mic)
BTE Orion M (Twin Mic)
BTE Orion P (Twin Mic)
BTE Orion SP (Twin Mic)
RIC BTE Orion (Twin Mic)
ITE Orion (Twin Mic)
ITC Orion (Twin Mic)
CIC Orion (Twin Mic)


We created the sturdy Sirion™ line of BTE hearing aids to bring the music of life to your ears. It helps you focus more clearly on the voices and sounds you long to hear and is so easy to use that you can really concentrate on the moments that matter most. The latest technology adapts to your hearing preferences automatically to create the rich sound quality and clear speech that keeps your conversations going in any situation. Your Hearing Care Professional can help you find the model that best fits your individual needs.

SIRION - Product Family
BTE Sirion S (Twin Mic)
BTE Sirion M (Twin Mic)
BTE Sirion P (Twin Mic)
ITE Sirion (Twin Mic)
ITC Sirion (Twin Mic)
CIC Sirion ( (Twin Mic)

Pure binax

Whatever’s going on around you, you shouldn’t have to miss out on a thing. With Pure™, you’re in control every step of the way. A marvel of miniaturization, it’s inconspicuous when worn and contains more features than any other hearing aid of its size. Its advanced technology delivers outstanding sound quality together with versatile features that help you enjoy the sound of life. Whatever you’re planning.

Pure binax / micon RIC Products
RIC BTE Pure 7bx(Twin Mic)
RIC BTE Pure 5bx (Twin Mic)
RIC BTE Pure 3mi (Twin Mic)
CARAT binax RIC Products
RIC BTE Carat 7bx (Twin Mic)
RIC BTE Carat 5bx (Twin Mic)


The LOTUS family combines the latest trimmer technology with highly advanced digital hearing features. For the wearer this means superior sound quality - at a very competitive price. Unique in its class, LOTUS uses a highly advanced feedback cancellation system. For comfortable hearing.

Lotus 12 Product Family (1 Channel)
Lotus 12 P BTE
Lotus 12 SP BTE
ITE Lotus 12
ITE Lotus 12
CIC Lotus 12
Lotus 23 Product Family (2 Channel)
Lotus 23 M BTE
Lotus 23 P BTE
Lotus 23 SP BTE
ITE Lotus 23
ITE Lotus 23
CIC Lotus 23
Lotus Pro Product Family (2 Channels)
Lotus Pro M BTE (Twin Mic)
Lotus Pro P BTE
Lotus Pro SP BTE
ITE Lotus Pro
ITE Lotus Pro
CIC Lotus Pro


16 / 12 / 8 / 6 Channel Digital hearing instruments family Advanced technology designed for enjoying the valuable things in life without being bothered by the hearing instruments in daily routine. Motion ensures reliable, rich and uncomplicated listening experience for simply enjoying life.

Motion 101 Product Family (6 Channel)
Motion 101 SX BTE (Twin Mic)
Motion 101 P BTE (Twin Mic)
ITE Motion 101 (Twin Mic)
ITE Motion 101 (Twin Mic)
CIC Motion 101


Sophisticated technology with utmost emphasis on discretion and inconspicuousness in the foreground. Option of different receiver configurations (65 db, 55 db, 45 db) and sizes (1-6) for optimum performance. Pure combines unique sound characteristics with the distinctive personality of the wearer.

Pure Receiver-In-Canal Products
Pure 101 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 6 Channel
Pure 301 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 8 Channels
Pure 501 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 12 Channels
Pure 701 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 16 Channels
Pure Carat Receiver-In-Canal Products
Pure Carat 301 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 8 Channel
Pure Cart 501 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) - 12 Channel
Pure Cart 701 RIC BTE (Twin Mic) -1 6 Channel


Life was meant to be lived without limits. Everyday things such as water, dust or shock shouldn’t bring yours to a halt. With its tough build, impressive design, perfect engineering, and cutting-edge advancements, Aquaris™, the first truly waterproof hearing aid from Siemens, lets you actively enjoy every decibel of life to its fullest.

Aquaris - Waterproof Products
Aqaris 501 BTE (Twin Mic) - 12 Channels
Aqaris 701 BTE (Twin Mic) - 12 Channels


High performance technology for customers who emphasize powerful sound with discretion. Nitro combines high power with cosmetic appeal.

Nitro High Power CIC (6 Channels)
CIC Nitro (118/55 or 128/70)
Nitro 301 Product Family (8 Channels)
Nitro 301 SP BTE (Twin Mic)
ITE Nitro 301 (118/55 or 128/70)
ITC Nitro 301 (118/55 or 128/70)
CIC Nitro 301 (118/55 or 128/70)
Nitro 701 Product Family (8 Channels)
Nitro 701 SP BTE (Twin Mic)
ITE Nitro 701 (118/55 or 128/70)
ITC Nitro 701 (118/55 or 128/70)
CIC Nitro 701 (118/55 or 128/70)


Intuis is an extremely comfortable hearing solution inside and out. The proven and innovative designs seen throughout the product line make it extremely easy-to wear. Sleek, ergonomic BTE housings are tailored to the natural shape of the ear for comfortable, everyday use. For those who prefer an open ear BTE, Intuis Life utilises ultra-thin, soft, non-occluding LifeTips, for maximum cosmetic appeal and convenience. Intuis Custom Instruments

Infiniti Product Family (4Channel)
Intuis Life BTE
Intuis S Dir BTE (Twin Mic)
Intuis Dir BTE (Twin Mic)
Intuis SP Dir BTE (Twin Mic)
ITE Intuis (Twin Mic)
ITC Intuis (Twin Mic)
CIC Intuis