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Services - Mrudul Hearing Aid Centre


Our Services

  • Hearing Aid counselling and dispensing.
  • EAR mould facility including soft and UV moulds.
  • Facility for computerized Hearing Aid Testing and Fittings.
  • Repairs of any kind/brand of Hearing Aids.
  • Audiological equipments sales and service.
  • Hearing Accessories & Batteries.
  • 100% Digital Hearing Aids
  • Express Service
  • Home visit facility for fitting hearing aid
  • Hearing Aid repairs and service

Why Bernafon

Hearing Solutions
Bernafon’s hearing aids pool state-of-the-art technology, comparable, for example, to the latest developments in personal computing. Just as there are desktop PCs, notebooks and electronic agendas, today's standard hearing solutions also come in various styles and designs, including BTE, ITE and RITE systems.