Arphi Hearing Aids - Custom Made

Custom Made Products

Electone RIO ITC & CIC

Technical Features

  • liThe clarity of 100% digital signal processing
  • liFlexible function without circuit change through “Digital-by-Design” potentiometer options
  • Circuit function options include:
    • AGC-O for maximum comfort with high input levels
    • AGC-I for appropriate amplification with mild and moderate input levels
    • Linear function
  • Low Frequency control standard on all instruments; HF and Gain controls optional
  • Extended fitting range with higher gain levels for Half Shell and Canal hearing instruments
  • Power matrix available (128/65)
  • Microphone Noise Reduction
  • Directional Microphone (optional)
  • Telecoil (optional)
  • Low battery beep signal
  • Available in all custom shell sizes

Fitting Application

  • Mild to severe hearing losses
  • Flat, sloping or high frequency losses